Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mushroom Haircut for 2012

Mushroom Haircut for 2012 back Take the hair ear to ear and cut the middle hair up to the chin level at Take the thin strands of the side hair. keep the scissors-points downwards and make layers with point-cutting Bring the backhand to the front and match it with the guideline.

 Mow 1 to 5 inch flying, cutting or notching in the front hair, so that feathers, effect can be obtained. Mushroom Blunt haircut is the combination of the horizontal type of haircut as did as the Vertical type of haircut. pin-up the hair as in the Bop cut hair style. Raise the lower hair and cut it at 0 Comb the hairline and cut it allowing point cut.

 Take down the pin-up not. and allow straight cut like blunt cut from the apex-level. take down the pin-up match them taking the guideline of Bring the front hair pin-up the back and match it with the guideline. After this cutting allow the cut at to the top hair

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